Nate Bargatze - Pretty Funny!

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Nate Bargatze - Pretty Funny!

Post by Bob1035 » Mon Sep 25, 2023 8:23 am

So the Mrs and I have been digging a couple of the specials from this comedian, and really enjoyed them. He's "clean" and while we have no problem with cursing, its nice when our young kids are running around to be worried about language if we're trying to watch something.

Fast forward to yesterday, on a whim we grabbed tickets to his live show here in b'more, and it was fantastic. Our first live comedy show and we had a blast.

highly recommend his specials, and live tour if it comes to your area.

Note to self, I had to trash my favorite pocket knife when I saw the metal detectors at the venue (its baltimore after all), :banghead:

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